Ajay Ahuja

Ajay Ahuja

Ajay Ahuja


Ajay Ahuja, MD, MBA, Head of Global and US Medical Affairs, Allergan

Accomplished and experienced biopharmaceutical executive with immense breadth and depth of expertise, especially with simultaneously leading business/ marketing and medico-scientific aspects, ideal for Senior-level, cross-functional General Management roles, or as a Department or Function Head to coordinate with other functional leaders.

• 20+ years’ experience in Health Care involving medical devices, drug delivery, health care delivery, biotechnology, and pharmaceuticals- including small molecules (generic and proprietary) and biologics (biosimilar and proprietary), for follow-on, innovative, and first-in-class compounds (therapeutic and preventive) at all stages of the product lifecycle from clinical development, to launch-phase, to post-LOE.

• Positions of increasing responsibility in Business Development, Commercial Operations, Strategic Marketing, and R&D / Medical Affairs across a variety of therapeutic areas at companies ranging from Developmental- stage, to US-rooted- and Foreign-rooted- Multinational Corporations.

• Leadership of strategic planning and tactical execution at the corporate, franchise, and product levels – globally, regionally, and within-country-affiliates (US and OUS).

• Industry therapeutic area experience includes: Cardiology/cardiovascular, metabolism & obesity, nephrology, oncology, GI, immunology, infectious diseases, pain management, neurology/neurosurgery, general surgery and GYN, plastic surgery, orthopaedics, and trauma care.